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  • Eyebrow Hair Simulation for Men and Women
  • Lash Enhancement for Men and Women
  • Eyeliner
  • Beauty Marks
  • Lipliner and Lip Sparkling

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    The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics

    The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is a nationally recognized educational organization, founded by world-renown industry authority Susan Church. Her expertise as a Permanent Makeup Artist combined with her personally-developed training methods make Susan the most coveted Permanent Cosmetics educator in the business.

    IIPC’s various courses boast curricula more in-depth and advanced than any other Permanent Cosmetics institution. Our Comprehensive Introductory Course is a 5-day program that provides beginning students with the education they need to embark on a successful career in Permanent Cosmetics. With 135 required hours of study, this complete course gives students a strong educational foundation upon which to begin administering Permanent Makeup, confidently and professionally, to clients.

    Many of the techniques and applications taught within our courses have been originated and improved right here at IIPC. Doesn’t it make sense to learn these procedures from the experts that developed them?

    The goal of IIPC is to create the most perfect professional, competent technicians in the beauty industry.

    In keeping up with the latest technology IIPC strives to bring professional students, technicians and clients the best products for Permanent Makeup and Skin Rejuvenation.

    Technician and Client Excellence is our number 1 goal!

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    What sets IIPC apart from other Permanent Cosmetics educators?

    • A curriculum developed, and continuously updated by founder and head educator Susan Church, a world-renown Permanent Makeup artist, lecturer, practitioner and industry pioneer.

    • A staff of educators who have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years.

    • A Course Repeat Policy that allows graduates of the Comprehensive Introductory Permanent Makeup Artist Course to re-audit any day of the course – or all days – for no extra charge once during the following year.  Ongoing text support for all graduates. Facebook blog set up for IIPC Graduates.

    • An Alumni Discount Policy that allows graduates of the Comprehensive Introductory Permanent Makeup Artist Course to receive $200 off of any IIPC Advanced Course. (Policy not valid with other discount offers.)

    • Instruction conducted with the highest-quality Permanent Cosmetics machines, products and accessories available in the industry.

    • A complete and thorough education that covers everything from procedure execution to ethical business practices and marketing strategies.

    Clients coined the phrase ‘Godmother of PMU’ when describing Susan.

    And so much more!

    Take the necessary steps to establish yourself as the top Permanent Cosmetics Technician in your area. Success in a rewarding career awaits you, so enroll at IIPC today!

    What is Permanent Cosmetics?

    Permanent Cosmetics, often referred to as Permanent Makeup, Dermapigmentation or Micropigmentation, has been gaining in popularity since it’s emergence in the late 1980’s. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing in which color pigments are chosen and strategically inserted into the skin to emulate everyday cosmetic makeup. Most clients seek out Permanent Makeup to enhance their existing facial features; however, more recently permanent makeup has been utilized to help burn survivors, cancer patients and others who have tissue damage. The most common Permanent Cosmetics procedures are: eyelash enhancement, eyeliner, lipliner, eyebrow hair simulation, scalp hair simulation and full lip color. Other types of Permanent Cosmetics procedures, deemed “Paramedical Procedures,” include: Skin Needling™, Scar Relaxation, Areola Repigmentation and Corrective Pigment Camouflage. IIPC offers instruction in all areas.

    The Permanent Cosmetics Industry continually works to regulate and accredit procedures, ensuring that there are safe and standard practices for patient care. Permanent Makeup Professionals and supply manufacturers work together to make certain that the inks used in permanent cosmetics pigments exceed agency regulations as cosmetics and color additives. Unfortunately, there are some people who claim to be Permanent Makeup Professionals that neither have sufficient education nor practice permanent cosmetics safely. It is IIPC’s recommendation that extensive research be done before selecting a permanent cosmetics institute for training and prior to undergoing any permanent makeup procedure.

    Financial Assistance For Permanent Cosmetics Training

    If you have the drive, dedication and passion it takes to become a successful Permanent Cosmetics Technician, IIPC wants to help you reach your goals.

    We offer options for financial assistance to help those students who need it. For information about IIPC’s Financial Assistance programs, and to see if you qualify, please contact IIPC at 800.282.0577.

    Permanent Makeup Procedures

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