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  • Eyeliner
  • Beauty Marks
  • Lipliner and Lip Sparkling

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    IIPC Permanent Makeup School Student and Client Testimonials

    Read what clients of IIPC have to say!

    “The work that was done by the students was 100% better than what I expected- it’s great!”
    – D. Higuera, Chino, CA

    “I never thought I would be a customer of Susan Church and the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics.

    I have been a professional career attorney for over 20 years, and my appearance deeply affects my assocition with Judges and other attorneys. Since 1997, I have been through a series of chemo-cancer treatments leaving me without body hair at times.

    I was referred to Susan Church by a dear friend. During my first visit, she introduced me to cutting-edge  procedures for permanent cosmetics. I was made to feel confident and optimistic that I would come away with exceptional results. Her work on me was a success, and has made me an annual patron of her services. I fully endorse her and recommend her safe and nearly painless permanent cosmetic work.”
    – H. Davis, Esq., Los Angeles, CA

    “Good experience. Using Magic Anesthesia for lip procedures helped tremendously. Everyone at IIPC is so professional! Thank you!”
    – C. Cassidy, Rochester, NY

    “I am, to say the least, ESTATIC!! Susan is a healer to those of us lucky enough to come across her in our lives. God bless her.”
    – Cancer Survivor S. Ortiz, California

    “It was an amazing job! I love my new areolas – they’re a piece of art! They should be shown along with the Picasso’s at the Louvre! Very professional work! Thanks for the great job.”
    – J. Silva, Pasadena, CA

    Read what IIPC's Students Have to Say!

    I really loved the class! I will be back! Ms. Church was thorough, with a lot of information at once. I also love how everyone got along in class. I cannot wait to come back for refresher classes.”
    – A. Graham, St. Thomas, USVI

    “Classes at IIPC were great! I had one-on-one attention that allowed me to ask the questions I had and work specifically on the stuff I needed more help with. It is exciting to work on Vitiligo patients and to see Scalp Hair Simulation help those who need it. I love the paramedical aspect of IIPC’s programs. I had such a great experience that I was sad when my course ended, but I’m looking forward to the paramedical class!”
    – L. Kopp, Canada

    “Susan is a great person to learn with and an excellent teacher. I loved my classes and love my permanent makeup!”
    – K. Nishimoto, HI

    “I am more than satisfied. Everything was so well prepared! We had so much fun and learned so much. The facility is clean, organized and well thought-out….more like a doctor’s office. The atmosphere is friendly and caring. I will always come back to IIPC! I’m still nervous as I start in this profession, but I know if I need help Susan and her staff will be there for their students. Outstanding and excellent!! Thank you.”
    – M. Feeny, CA

    I have done two full lips since I got home.  AWESOME colors! I can already tell I learned a ton from spending three days with you! My procedures are going much faster.  I have to be careful not to get too much pigment, too thick for eyeliner.  I’m used to having to go over and over the area to get any color in, but with your technique I’m getting plenty of color in a two or three passes. Thanks for your expertise!”
    – N.Miller

    “I really enjoyed my class and feel like I learned a lot. Miss Susan and Yolanta are so patient and helpful. I felt comfortable asking questions and getting clarity. I though it was a good experience. I love knowing that I can call or send information and you are so willing to help!”
    – L. Sprance, MI, SC

    “This class was very interesting and informative! Class is over before you expect it! Never boring…wish I could have stayed for 2 more weeks. I cannot wait to return for more classes!”
    – N. Hicks, Visalia, CA

    “Susan, again, words cannot express my appreciation for all that you’ve done for me.Taking your Permanent Cosmetic and Needling courses has sparked a new energy in me.  You have inspired me to continue moving forward in this industry and I will soon be taking my State Board exam in Esthetics.  I know that combining these two fields will offer me a great income and a career I truly enjoy.  Simply said, you have offered me a better life and for that I am forever grateful.  You are an amazing educator and an amazing woman, whom I highly respect and feel fortunate to have met. Thank you!”
    – J. Ford, Orange, CA

    “IIPC and Susan Church provide a great experience with clear, professional instruction and a great environment. Susan made me feel very secure when working on models. The training was VERY, VERY hands on. I look forward to coming back and continuing to learn! There is a lot of practice, practice, practice needed to be a great technician, and IIPC prepares you for this!”
    – C. Brand, San Francisco, CA

    “I have used every brand of pigment on the market in the past 7 years, and have found that Absolute Perfection pigments are super concentrated, last longer in the skin and are so easy to use! With these pigments, I have virtually no touch ups to perform. The pigments came with a color chart, an easy to follow mixing guide to use if I choose to use to blend the colors, and a 25-page guide of how Absolute Perfection pigments heal in the skin. FABULOUS!”
    – A.M., CA

    “What a whirlwind life we lead! I have a web site domain name now and my web site is under construction, and yes, I am doing it myself! My stomach is knotted up constantly from the thrill of potential success!!! Everything is falling into place. Thanks again for being so kind and patient…You are AWESOME!”
    – G. Sloan, TX

    “I have been in the industry since 2003, and have taken classes from 5 other companies. Susan was very informative – her method of application, client preparation, professional ethics, sterilization and sanitation techniques along with her educational manuals were excellent.”
    – T. Venable R.N., TN

    IIPC’s Alumni Course Discount Policy

    Graduates of IIPC’s 6-day Comprehensive Introductory Training Course are extended an offer to receive $200 off the cost of each IIPC Advanced Courses they enroll in – a savings of up to $400. Each of IIPC’s Advanced Courses is a 1-day class and will provide 9 hours of continuing education credit.

    The Advanced Courses include: Areola Repigmentation & Corrective Pigment Camouflage and Needling & More with instruction in inkless applications such as Collagen Induction Therapy, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation. Unfortunately, the Alumni Discount Policy is not valid with any other discounts or rate specials.

    For more information, please contact us at 800.282.0577.

    Financial Assistance For Permanent Cosmetics Training

    If you have the drive, dedication and passion it takes to become a successful Permanent Cosmetics Technician, IIPC wants to help you reach your goals.

    We offer options for financial assistance to help those students who need it. For information about IIPC’s Financial Assistance programs, and to see if you qualify, please contact IIPC at 800.282.0577.