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Colour Theory From IIPC

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  • Lash Enhancement for Men and Women
  • Eyeliner
  • Beauty Marks
  • Lipliner and Lip Sparkling

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    Learning Proper Colour Theory From IIPC

    Learning proper colour theory is one of the most important aspects of permanent cosmetics. IIPC believes that a basic understanding of colour theory is the basis to successful application of all procedures. Ms. Church developed the Absolute Perfection colour line & Tri-Lab Products Inc. pigment colour line for easy application.

    We have divided the line of iron oxide/lakes based pigments into cool and warm undertones, following the universal colour wheel laws. All of the guesswork is taken out of proper colour application if you follow our strict guidelines that are taught in class. We also utilize different methods of accurately determining the proper undertones of the skin.

    We will help you to develop a keen eye in determining the underlying harmony existing between the skin, eyes and hair along with Donna Fujiis book Color With Style.







    W 1004 Baby Blonde

    Yellow Base

    W 1008 Camel

    Yellow Base

    W 1012 Mocha Fudge

    Brown Base

    C 1016 Mink

    Olive Base

    C 1020 Coffee Bean

    Brown Base

    C 1024 Soft Black

    Brown Base

    C 2000 Natural

    Pink Base

    W 2008 Sheer Baby Lips

    Pink Base

    W 2012 Blush

    Red Base

    Absolute Perfection Colours

    Absolute Perfection colours were expressly developed for the permanent cosmetic make-up industry. Shake your bottle of pigment for 20-25 seconds prior to dispersing into pigment cap. Bottles have a mixing pellet to ensure proper colour blending.

    All colours are manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory as well as being heat sealed making them tamper proof. All pigment bottles contain expiration dates and lot numbers. Patch testing is required prior to use.